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  • [New Product] TAKE GA BOARD-FS

TAKE GA-FS is a coated printing paper chosen for its printability, whiteness, and finely-detailed texture.
A heavier paper, TAKE GA BOARD-FS has now been added to this series.
A multilayered structure is used to provide foldability, and advantages in terms of quality design
and cost balance make this suitable for a wide range of printing applications.
Taken together with the TAKE GA-FS, this gives a range of weights from 104.7g/㎡ to 400g/㎡,
enabling the series to be used in combination for a pamphlet and its text pages
as well as for packages and the covers of softback books.
It is also FSC-certified, ensuring environmental performance.

TAKE GA series                
TAKE GA BOARD-FS  *New Product 1 color            
800X1100  L/G       200 250 300 350 400 g/㎡
640X940  L/G & S/G       200 250 300 350 400 g/㎡
TAKE GA-FS   1 color            
1091X788  L/G & S/G 104.7 127.9  157 g/㎡          
936X636  L/G & S/G 104.7 127.9  157 g/㎡          

* To ensure reliable quality, TAKE GA-FS with recycled paper content (min. 5%) is being phased out
and replaced by TAKE GA-FS without recycled paper.
For further details, please ask your sales contact. 


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