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  • Feature in August 2022 issue of "BRAIN"

Brain is a specialist magazine for creatives published by Sendenkaigi.
Its occasional "Book Jacket: Senses" feature is made possible through
collaborations with creators using fine paper. 
Each issue of the magazine that features this popular project includes
a book jacket/cover made with a different type of fine paper.

Shoichi Maehara appears in the August 2022 edition.
The paper she uses is MIRANDA.

The title of the work is “float in space.”
Using our MIRANDA fine paper with the glitter of its glass flakes bringing to mind the stars
of the Milky Way, Shoichi Maehara took inspiration from the name of the paper derived from
a moon of Uranus to create a mysterious creature floating in space. He chose black paper,
concealing MIRANDA’s surface luster, a product of the glitter of the paper’s fine red, blue,
and white glass flakes, with sumi ink and matte varnish to create a blurred outline.
To create different textures, he printed the eyes twice in white, nose twice in white + sumi,
and used red pigment foil for the mouth. Blurring the boundary between the black body of
the mysterious creature and the original black of the paper resulted in a book jacket
that further highlights MIRANDA’s inherent sheen.

Book Jacket: Senses - Vol. 61
“float in space”
Design: Shoichi Maehara
Paper: MIRANDA black 1091 x 788mm S/G   151g/m2                    
Printing process: UV offset 2c (sumi double bump, white double bump)
   + matte varnish + foil stamping (red)

The August issue of Brain is now available at bookstores nationwide.


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