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  • TAKEO booth at Kami-Haku in Tokyo vol.5

We will be exhibiting in a booth at the KAMIHAKU in Tokyo vol. 5 event.
Organized by Tegamisha, KAMIHAKU are events that bring together stationery manufacturers,
printing and processing companies, designers, illustrators, and others who work with paper.
More than 100 exhibitors will be participating in this KAMIHAKU, which will be held
at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito Building (Taito-ku, Tokyo).
At the Takeo booth, we will be selling new colors of PAPIER BOARD,
which proved to be very popular at the March KAMIHAKU, and KAMIHAKU limited edition products.
We hope to see you there.


Created by laminating fine paper with cellophane, PAPIER BOARD is a new kind of whiteboard sheet
that is neither white nor board. The whiteboard sheets can be repeatedly written on and erased using markers
and erasers designed for conventional whiteboards. We have added ten new colors carefully selected from
Gmund Colors Matt-FS, a German fine paper noted for its vivid, classical ambience.
These whiteboards go well with any color, making them great fun to use also for interior coordination.

・PAPIER BOARD A3 SET (2 sheets) 2,500 yen
・PAPIER BOARD A4 SET (2 sheets) 1,500 yen
・PAPIER BOARD POST CARD SET (10 sheets) 2,000 yen * Special KAMIHAKU price

Kami-Haku in Tokyo Vol.5  (From the official website)
It is already three months since we started holding events again with KAMIHAKU & NUNOHAKU in Tokyo,
and we have just decided to hold a standalone KAMIHAKU. If you love paper,
this may be the summer for you! Imagine it—every single floor buried in paper
and imbued with a passion for paper hotter than the hottest summer day!
Just the thought is enough to set your heart racing. We are using the largest space so far to showcase
the products and works of more than 100 exhibitors, this too the largest number in KAMIHAKU history.
This KAMIHAKU will feature a new Pocketbook Deco Area where you can use the materials provided
by exhibitors to create your very own deco pocketbook. There will also be sharing events
where visitors can exchange paper goods, and talk shows with some really interesting guests.
So as you can see, KAMIHAKU is no longer just about paper. Come and experience the
powered-up excitement of this KAMIHAKU. We look forward to seeing you in Asakusa, Japan’s paper holy land.

August 20th (Sat.), 2022. 10:00 - 17:00, August 2th (Sun.), 2022. 9:00 - 16:00.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center TAITO-KAN
Exhibition Room on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors
2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0033  map

Digital tickets: 1,100 yen (tentative)  * Free for elementary school students and younger
On-site admission (cash only): 1,500 yen (tentative)
Digital tickets will be available on the official KAMIHAKU website from mid-July.
For ticket purchase and other details, visit the official KAMIHAKU in Tokyo vol. 5 website.


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