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  • Re Material System (Rems) announced

Daio Paper Corporation, a sales representative run by TAKEO Co., Ltd., announced the Rems system
on October 3, 2022. TAKEO Co., Ltd. is Daio Paper Corporation’s sales representative.

Rems is a system that makes it possible to manufacture your own paper made with mixed fibers*2 by
reusing various types of residue*1 produced at corporate factories as material for paper. Rems derives
its name from “Re Material System.”

*1 Residue: The remainder that is left over after extracting certain ingredients from raw materials during
the manufacturing process for food and industrial products.

*2 Paper made with mixed fibers: Paper that is manufactured by mixing different kinds of materials with wood pulp.

- Note

Each production lot consists of over 4 tons of paper. Considering the need for suitability with recycling,
Rems cannot manufacture paper with deep colors.

It may take about three months from the time specifications are fixed until the end of manufacturing of
paper made with mixed fibers.

Rems cannot be used with certain residues, such as materials that are illegal, dangerous, poisonous,
or toxic, or substances that are too hard to be pulverized, do not melt at high temperatures,
have strong odors, or contain oil. Please contact Daio Paper via the Rems website for details.

Please direct inquiries to:
Overseas Division in TAKEO Co., Ltd.(Tel  81 03-3292-3625)
Rems special site rems-paper.jp
* Contact us by phone or through this form to request a quote.

In addition to providing advice about manufacturing paper made with mixed fibers using Rems,
Daio Paper also sells the Rems certified paper Rems STANDARD-FS, made with a mixture of chaff,
that is immediately available for use. Consider using Rems STANDARD-FS as an alternative option.


Fine paper made by reusing rice chaff and incorporating it as one of the raw materials of the paper.
It has an appealing, natural feel that derives from the raw material (chaff).

1091X788mm  S/G   105g/m2  157g/m2   1 type

For more about Rems STANDARD-FS, click here.

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