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    "Paper and life a decade from now"

Dates: November 7th, 2022 (Mon.) - December 27th, 2022 (Tue.)
closed on Saturday, Sunday and official holidays

* Special Open Day: November 12nd (Sat.), December 10th (Sat..) , 2022. 13:00-17:00 

A happy relationship between people and paper has continued for about two thousand years.
Recently, the way we live our daily lives and work has been undergoing rapid diversification.
Our values and patterns of behavior will probably continue to change in response to various
circumstances. What will the relationship between people and paper be in the future?

For this show, in-house designers at Kao, Shiseido, Sony, Beams, and Meiji have examined
what the relationship between people and paper will be in the near future, a decade from now,
from a variety of difference perspectives—areas like articles of daily use, cosmetics, technology, clothing, and food.

They make specific proposals about our lives in the near future and the various ‘packages’ we will
likely be utilizing then, using as examples particular situations in daily life in 2032.


Exhibiting companies: Creating prototypes for everyday situations a decade from now

- Kao: Living in harmony with products that make the world cleaner

- Shiseido Creative: New personal spaces allowing you to be true to yourself

- Sony Group: Our lives in space

- Beams Creative: Shopping with Beams a decade from now

- Meiji Ad Agency: Time enjoying meals with people who are special to you


Planning and direction: Shigeru Yamazaki (KOSÉ Corporation)
Art direction: Yohei Shirai (SUN-AD Company Limited)
Illustrations: Miri Masuda
Exhibiting companies: Kao Corporation, Shiseido Creative Co., Ltd., 
  Sony Group Corporation, Beams Creative Inc., 
  Meiji Ad Agency Co., Ltd.
Organizer:  TAKEO Co., Ltd.
Related events: A special talk event is planned.


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