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  • [MIHONCHO HONTEN] Packaging Manga Art
    Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage, Paper, and Processing

Dates: December 4th, 2023 (Mon.) - December 27th, 2023 (Wed.)
Open hours: 11: 00 - 18: 00
Except: Saturdays, Sundays, official holidays
Manga Art is a project run by Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage that transforms manga into artworks suitable for passing down to future generations, utilizing a variety of printing technologies, including letterpress printing, collotype printing, gravure printing, and digital inkjet printing. This exhibition presents a world of packaging that combines functionality and attractive design developed jointly by Shueisha and TAKEO for manga art. The design includes fine paper, washi paper, and other paper materials and printing technologies that support manga art, as well as forms of packaging for wrapping, presenting, or storing these precious works.
Manga Art
Based on the vision of manga as an artform that deserves to be 
  passed down,  Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage turns manga into
  art utilizing a variety of printing technologies and materials. It includes
  designing packaging that is appropriate for each artwork.
  The Press
  “The Press” is a series of works in which manga, a monochrome form of 
  narrative art, is made using flatbed letterpress machines, 
  which are very scarce today, and Gmund Cotton,
   a premium fine paper consisting of 100% cotton.
  Real Color Collection
  The “Real Color Collection” series renders realistic colors from
  color originals that cannot be reproduced with the offset printing
  that is usually used with comics and manga magazines by capturing
  them using  high-resolution digital cameras and using digital
inkjet printing with a broad range of colors.
  The Millennium
  Manga history can be traced back to Scrolls of Frolicking Animals
  and ukiyo-e. “The Millennium” series is rendered using handmade
  Mino washi paper and collotype printing, which excels at expressing
  gradation and is used for purposes such as the reproduction of cultural
  artifacts. Works presented at this exhibition include special-order,
  handmade washi paper featuring an MA (manga art) logo watermark,
  as well as bags and boxes made of paulownia wood signed by the artist.
  Last Gravure
  “Last Gravure” is created using gravure printing, which fostered 
  the postwar culture for magazines, photography, and publishing.
  It is a collaboration between Keiichi Tanaami and Fujio Akatsuka.
Shueisha Inc., TAKEO Co., Ltd.
Cooperation Epson Sales Japan Corporation
Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd.
Oji Industrial Materials Management Co., Ltd.
Oji Packaging Co., Ltd.
Kazui Press
Takiya Co., Ltd.
Taya Shikkiten
Timber Crew Corp.
Tokyo Letterpress
Benrido, Inc.
Marujyu Paper Company
Misuzudo Bindery
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  Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage is a project Shueisha started
  in March 2021 to produce and sell manga as an artform
  that deserves to be passed down.


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