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    THE TAKEO POSTER COLLECTION Best Selection 12--Development of Constructive Posters

First period: October 23rd, 2019 (Wed.) - November 8th (Fri.)
Second period: November 18th, 2019 (Mon.) - December 6th (Fri.)
Open hours: 10:00-19:00
Except: Saturdays, Sundays, official holidays
and November 11th, 2019 (Mon.) - November 15th, 2019 (Fri.)

This, the 12th TAKEO POSTER COLLECTION Best Selection exhibition,
explores the radical expression imparted to poster design by the trend
towards functionalism seen after World War II in the constructive design
that got its start in Europe from 1900 to the 1930s and by the trend towards
applied art that was directly influenced by abstract art. It does this through
the art of Otl Aicher, Rolf Müller, Max Bill, Mary Vieira, and Almir Mavignier.
* The exhibition consists of exhibits selected from a show held in May 2018
at the Tama Art University Art-Theque.
* The exhibition is presented in two parts, rotating the composition to
display 27 exhibits in total.

Organizers: TAKEO Co., Ltd., Tama Art University

TAKEO Poster Collection (details)

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