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  • TAKEO is launching a FINE FLUTE® lamination service

FINE FLUTE takes advantage of the visible fluted structure of corrugated cardboard to combine
different colors in three layers, expanding the range of possibilities for packaging. In addition to
FINE FLUTE options manufactured to order in 50 diverse colors and Fine Flute available in nine
stock colors
that are always in stock and can be shipped immediately, we are launching
a Fine Flute lamination service that laminates fine paper onto corrugated cardboard.
Greater freedom can be achieved with package creation by selecting fine paper with surfaces
possessing a diversity of texture and color. Feel free to inquire for more details.

FINE FLUTE lamination service

- Fine paper is laminated onto double-sided corrugated cardboard (possessing three layers), so the final product possesses four layers.

- Quotes can be given for about 20 sheets on up.

- The lamination process takes about one week.

- Processing such as flexography, silk-screen printing, foil stamping, and embossing are possible after lamination.

- Due to the properties of corrugated cardboard, some warping and washboarding may occur.

- During die-cutting, take care because the flutes (corrugated waves) can be broken easily.

- It is also possible to laminate onto single-sided corrugated cardboard (possessing two layers), resulting in a final product possessing three layers, but the conditions for this are different, so please contact us for details.


Please direct inquiries to:

Overseas Division in TAKEO Co., Ltd.(Tel  81 03-3292-3625)
FINE FLUTE special site fineflutefinemold.com
* Contact us by phone or through this form to request a quote.


Also see the series of examples of applications of Fine Flute options manufactured to order
and Fine Flute stock colors on our web store.

Examples of Fine Flute applications


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