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  • TAKEO booth at TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2022

TAKEO operated a booth at TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2022 held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR is Asia’s largest art book fair where a lineup of exhibitors—publishers, galleries,
and artists—involved in creating their own unique art books and publications gather from around the world
and connect with other exhibitors and guests in person and engage in discourse about the allure
and charm of each of their creations.
TAKEO’s booth presented materials that expand the potential for creating art books.
- VENT NOUVEAU Digital and other paper for digital printing
- The optimal paper for preservation and protection when storing artwork
- FINE FLUTE packaging material that can be used to make slipcases for books
Tremendous advances are being made in digital printing that enable printing directly from digital data without
requiring printing plates. The booth provided a good opportunity to learn about this new technology
for people considering creating photobooks, art books, and similar publications.
Dates: October 27th (Thu.), 2022     17:00 - 20:00
  October 28th (Fri.) - 30th (Sun.) , 2022 10:30 - 19:00
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Exhibition Gallery B2F,  
  Entrance Hall and other areas  
  4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0022 Japan map
  (The TAKEO booth was in the printer area PR-03.)  
Entrance Fee: General Admission JPY 1,000 (tax included)  
  * Advance reservation required for time of admission,   
  with maximum length of stay being three hours.  
  * Tickets available for purchase at this external website.  
-------------The text below is extracted from the official website. -------------
This year’s fair features a lineup of approximately 200 different exhibitors – a collective of publishers, galleries,
and artists each involved in creating their own unique art books and publications. At the fair, guests
and exhibitors can connect in person and engage in discourse about the allure and charm of each of
their creations. This year’s TABF will also be home to the sixth rendition of the Guest Country project – an endeavor
that draws attention to the culture of publishing within a certain region or country.
This year’s “Guest Country” will be France, and at the TABF we will be taking a multifaceted dive
into the country’s rich tradition of art publishing through exhibits and other projects. Other notable undertakings
include a lineup of special exhibitions by Bottega Veneta and Shiseido, together with a program shining light on
risograph works – an artform quickly gathering attention in the art book scene as of late. Adding to this lineup is
our rich repertoire of other events – workshops and talk events with special guests, book signings by artists and
creators, and much more. Through this collection of art-book-focused endeavors, it’s our hope at the TABF
to provide guests with a glance into the “now” of the continuously-evolving world of art books.
For more information: TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR (external website)

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