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VENT NOUVEAU Digital series

Tremendous advances are being made in digital printing, which enables printing directly from digital data without requiring printing plates.
We created the VENT NOUVEAU Digital® series as next-generation paper products to support printing technology in this new era.
The launch of VENT NOUVEAU in 1994 led to the establishment of Rough Gloss® as a genre in the offset printing industry.
The VENT NOUVEAU Digital® series has brought the unique rough texture and printing gloss of VENT NOUVEAU to digital printing.
VENT NOUVEAU is French for “new wind,” and true to its name, this new series invigorates the world of digital printing like a breath of fresh air.

Features of VENT NOUVEAU Digital

Rough feel
The images below show the three-dimensional roughness of the surface of paper.
Compared to a standard matte coated paper (right), the VENT NOUVEAU series (left) has greater variation in surface topography, giving it a rougher feel.

  • VENT NOUVEAU series

  • Standard matte coated paper

These are electron micrographs of the surface of VENT NOUVEAU (left) and a standard matte coated paper (right).
Multiple inorganic fillers are used to diffuse the reflection of light in the matte coated paper, creating shapes of various sizes as a result.
The VENT NOUVEAU surface, on the other hand, features what are spheres of organic pigments.
The spheres are hollow and therefore lightweight, and being uniform in size, they give the paper a very natural feel.
Also, the use of a fine inorganic filler to fill the gaps between the spherical particles improves ink transfer rate during printing, creating paper that is both rough to the touch and highly suited to printing.
The way the gloss with its rich, subtle nuances can be controlled by overlaying inks enables the creation of printed materials that stand out expressively.

  • VENT NOUVEAU series

  • Standard matte coated paper

FSC® -certified paper
All products in the VENT NOUVEAU series are FSC-certified, which means they can be used with confidence in scenarios prioritizing environmental performance.

Three products optimized for digital printing
We offer VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS, a paper optimized for HP Indigo digital printing, VENT NOUVEAU SIJ-FS, a paper suited to high-speed digital inkjet printing, and VENT NOUVEAU RIJ-FS, a roll product designed for UV inkjet printing.

VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS 1091 × 788 mm S/G 226.8 g/m2 (cover)
VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS 1091 × 788 mm S/G 151.2 g/m2 (text)
HP Indigo digital printing 4c

Photography: Shin Yamagishi, Michiko Sato
Design: Dan Shibusawa, Minaho Kawamura (Dan Design Office)

Certified for HP Indigo

HP Indigo digital printing is an electrophotographic printing process that uses HP Indigo ElectroInk liquid toners.
These toners leave a thinner film of ink on paper than conventional powder toners, thereby better retaining the texture of the paper.
VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS has a special surface finish optimized for HP Indigo digital printing.
It was certified (as an HP Indigo digital printing certified paper) after earning high marks in all three of HP’s paper certification testing*1 evaluation criteria of fixing, runability, and blanket compatibility.
In addition to improved halftone dot reproducibility and printing density, it eliminates the need for a primer before printing.
Its dirt count is 1/30 or less*2 than matte coated paper, and ink drying time is also about 1/4*3 that of VENT NOUVEAU V-FS.

VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS also supports standard offset printing, thereby enabling, for example, the first edition of a book to be offset printed, and subsequent medium or small runs to be digitally printed.

Dot reproducibility *Survey by paper manufacturer (HP Indigo 12000HD 220L: visual examination of dots, 10% K)
    Most dots clearly reproduced
  • Matte coated paper A
    Some dots not transferred
    (orange dots in the image)
Print density (HP Indigo 12000 reflection density, 100% K)
  • With primer
  • Without primer

*1 4C printing test using HP Indigo 1x000 Series and 7x00 Series
*2 Paper manufacturer study: visual examination of both sides of 500 sheets (1091 × 788 mm) of each paper
*3 Paper manufacturer study: tape peel test result (without primer)

size(mm) grain weight (gsm) color
    122.1 151.2 174.5 226.8      
1091×788 S/G     1
642×942 L/G & S/G     1
Environmental standards


  • snow white


VENT NOUVEAU SIJ-FS is suited to high-speed digital inkjet printing. Digital inkjet printing increases printing speed by using a line of nozzles across the paper so that ink can be jetted continuously as the paper passes through, without the need for the head to move left and right as it does with home printers. Inkjet printers are also characterized by providing high definition because their mechanical design enables frequency modulation screening to render high dot density gradations.
By ensuring appropriate ink impact on the paper surface to reduce drop-outs, VENT NOUVEAU SIJ-FS allows you to achieve appropriate glossiness with high-speed inkjet printing.
* General water-based home inkjet printers are not supported.

Reducing drop-outs *Jet Press 720S C100%M100% equal magnification
size(mm) grain weight (gsm) color
    122.1 151.2 174.5 226.8      
1091×788 S/G     1
636×939 L/G & S/G     1
Environmental standards


  • snow white


This is a roll product designed for UV inkjet printing.
In UV inkjet printers, the ink sprayed on the paper by the print head as it moves from side to side is simultaneously irradiated with UV light to cure it.
Some inkjet printer models cater to large format sheet and roll paper, and are ideal for printing banners, posters and other large printed materials.
* The product name has been changed from DEEP UV VENT NOUVEAU-FS.

size weight(gsm)      color
1091mm-50m 162.5           1
Environmental standards


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