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VINTAGE GOLD is a distinctive paper exuding the sort of charm that an antique gains over the years.
Launched in 2011, it is a fine paper based on unbleached kraft paper, with a coating of gold powder on one side.
A number of special techniques were needed in order to give the paper its vintage allure.
Kraft paper stands out as a distinctive material. It feels rough and coarse, and its surface is uneven, but that unevenness is what gives kraft paper its unique character. The gold powder used on one side of the paper tones down the metallic glare of gold. Its coloring suggests an understated elegance, setting off the natural characteristics of the kraft paper and asserting its presence with a unique, dull gleam.

VINTAGE GOLD moss 1091 x 788 mm S/G 124gsm
offset 1c(black) + foil stamping
VINTAGE GOLD antique 1091 x 788 mm S/G 124gsm (band)
offset 1c(match color) + diecut

Art direction & Design: Kazuya Kondo

size(mm) grain weight(gsm) color
    73 124                  
1091×788 S/G                 4


  • blond
  • antique
  • copper
  • moss


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